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Ketterman Rowland and Westland offers lawyer services for civil litigation cases, Wrongful Death, personal injury, work related accidents or injuries, car accidents, asbestos injury, property damage and storm damage. It is one of the leading Texas personal injury law firms and is dedicated to serving the needs of the clients by providing the highest levels of experience and professionalism. In San Antonio, KRW Lawyers have experienced injury lawyers to help you obtain rightful, fair and just compensation. An accident can lead to permanent or temporary impairment in the form of physical and emotional suffering for you and personal injury attorneys will help you determine when you are entitled to compensation after suffering an injury. Therefore, they offer a personal injury consultation from auto accidents to on-the-job injuries at anytime and anywhere for your convenience.

An accident can leave your body broken and incapacitated and also lead you to unable to work or enjoy the daily pleasures which bring meaning to your life. So, the law provides a means of seeking compensation in cases involving personal injury. These laws provide you a settlement that includes monetary compensation for lost wages, medical bills and pain and suffering. You can contact KRW Accident Attorneys if you have been injured in an accident so that they provide you a necessary consultation about an accident and maximize your settlement while you focus on putting your body and life back together.

Categories of Personal Injuries

An accident can fall under many categories to claim settlement and insurance. There are few situations involving accidents. They are,

  • Auto Accidents – Personal injury resulting from a car accident and can have a devastating effect on your life.
  • Workplace injury – There are many kinds of workplace accidents which can cause severe damages that could be assistance from an experienced lawyer.
  • Slip and fall –You can sustain injuries which can be caused by the carelessness of business owner or manager then you have justification for a slip and fall case.
  • Construction injury – This is occurred relatively common due to the dangerous nature of construction work.
  • Animal attacks – Personal injury sustained by an aggressive animal which can leave you scarred both physically and emotionally.
  • Defective products – Injury sustained by faulty equipment, malfunctioning machinery and defective drugs are fall under this category.

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