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How to choose an event catering? Tips for finding the perfect partner.The selection of quality culinary event providers is not always easy. Food and service will be integral to the success of your operation and your guests will remember it. We present you the key criteria to choose the best of them.

The budget allocated to your catering event:

You systematize your event on your own and the budget happens to be tight certainly. Know that you always will find some caterers with variouscosts but the excellence will not essentially be at the perfect condition.

The event catering service:

Based on the format (cocktail or seated dinner), ensure with the culinary provider regarding the presence of number of servers. It is recommended that you read and understand the following ratios:

  • sitting dinner: a server for 20 to 30 people
  • cocktail on the tray: a waiter for 15 to 25 people
  • cocktail buffet: a server for 20 to 30 people

The choice of the catering menu:

Reflect on the theme of the event: if you are organizing an eco-friendly evening, serve in appropriate containers. Be careful to formulate your specifications with each event organizer Parisien so that it can force proposals, the originality is always appreciated. For the best interational buffer catering in singapore this is very important.

Adapt to the season: make sure that the savory and sweet buffets that will be offered are appropriate to the period of your event. For example, if your evening is held in summer, the selected desserts and their presentations should follow this bias: light, fresh and colorful products.

Don’t forget about those guests who can have dietary restrictions (intolerances, diets, allergies.) Tell your caterer and familiarizethe menu accordingly.

Do not plan less than 18 coins per person for a cocktail party if you do not want guests to come and claim. For a seated dinner (starter main course dessert), you do not need more than 5 pieces per person as an aperitif.

Organize a test lunch to set the menu, this will avoid the effects of unpleasant surprises. You will be able to test the flexibility of your caterer and see this is a provider adapted to your request. Attention, depending on the size of the event, the test lunch can be paid anyway, it is a good way to organize a professional event without surprises.

For your catering job, do not forget:

  • Customize your event in advance with server outfits and tableware
  • To welcome your guests with drinks on the tray
  • Spread the buffets in the event space by providing areas dedicated to serving drinks to reduce queues
  • Prohibit the caterer from pre-serving the champagne

We hope that our advice has been used to choose the best culinary event provider. You can also find our advice to select the ideal provider here.


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