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postheadericon Who Needs an ETA?

The Canadian Government has started a new entry essential which is known as the Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) that has become mandatory since March 15th, 2016. This new authorization program is an outcome of a combined US-Canada border action plan that intends to facilitate prior screening of travelers with the objective of identifying security threats.

Whom does ETA impact?

All foreign citizens from visa-exempt nations like UK, Australia, Germany, as well as the permanent residents of USA, i.e. the Green Card Holders journeying to Canada by airplanes need to procure an ETA before boarding the flight. Entry needs for alternative means of travel, like sea and land, have not been altered.

Foreign citizens, already present in Canada on study or work permits issued prior to 1st August 2015, would need to make an application for ETA, if they plan to leave Canadian territories and return by air. You can always contact eTA Meaning for determining whether you need an eTA or not.

Who are exempted from eTA?  

The below-mentioned foreign citizens are exempted from eTA:

  • US Citizens (excluding the Permanent Residents or Green Card Holders)
  • Those with a valid work or study permit issued after 1st August, 2015.
  • Accredited consular officers, diplomats, officials or representatives of any country except Canada, of the UN or any one of its agencies, or of any global organization to which Canada belongs as a member.
  • Visitors, workers and students, who plan to enter Canada again after only visiting the US, provided they return to Canada before the period authorized or any extension authorized for their stay expires.


Green Card Holders or Permanent Residents of USA require an eTA to travel to Canada by air. However, they will not require an eTA to journey to Canada by sea or land.


When to Make an Application for eTA?

Affected foreign citizens are requested to make an application without delay, in order to stay away from potential problems like system disruption just before the deadline date. Although eTA applications can be made online, paper applications are made available for applicants with mental or physical disabilities.

Expiry of an eTA

An ETA is linked electronically to the passport of a traveler. It stays valid for 5 years, or until the passport expires, whichever is earlier. Holders of an ETA will not be issued a physical proof or document, as the ETA is linked electronically to the passport of the traveler. However, it would be wise for a holder of a valid ETA to carry a proof of filing.

ETA can be applied for only one person at a particular time. E.g., for a family of 3, a total number of three ETA applications will be required to be completed as well as submitted.

An applicant might be found inadmissible, if he/she:

  • Presents security concerns
  • Has previous criminal records
  • Suffers from serious health problems
  • Has made misrepresentations in the application
  • Has insufficient financial resources

An applicant is asked about the background details and biographical data so that his/her admissibility into Canada can be assessed.

Those who have a query or need any help can contact eTA Meaning.